Wardrobe Essentials for Women

Here’s the thing: I have way too many clothes. I realize that. Most of us realize that, I think. My problem is that my style is starting to change. No longer do I enjoy running around in XXI clothes (or, heaven forbid, my old obsession for Charlotte Russe). Almost every time I look through my clothes, I have this overwhelming urge to throw everything I own away and start from scratch.

But how do you start from scratch? Thus started my idea to put together a list of essential pieces to buy again if I ever actually get around to starting a fresh wardrobe. Obviously, everything listed here can be altered to fit your style!

Bottoms and tops:


dark wash jeans, regular wash jeans, high-waisted black leggings (my favorite), sweat pants, pencil skirt, jean shorts, tan shorts; black tee, white tee, button-up, sweater, zip-up jacket, flannel, blazer, pea coat, hoodie.

Dresses, shoes, socks:

Wardrobe Essentials (dresses, shoes, socks)a night dress, a day dress; nude heels, black heels, brown boots, black boots, athletic shoes, day-to-day tennis shoes, ballet flats, sandals, slippers; knee socks, ankle socks, no-show socks, regular socks, tights.

Winter accessories, bags, & underwear:

Wardrobe Essentials (winter, bags, underwear)an infinity scarf, regular scarf, beanie & gloves; wallet, clutch, black bag, brown bag, overnight bag, backpack; bathing suit; thongs, regular underwear, sports bra, white/tan/black bra (with at least one with a strapless option).

So if you ask me, these are the basic building blocks to any wardrobe! Let me know if there’s a piece you can’t live without.

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