About Brittany

brittany bailey

Hi! I’m Brittany! I started the blog in August of 2011, as a way to get out some of my creativity and to focus my time in more productive ways. It has proven very therapeutic and also a little stressful. I was born and raised in North Carolina, living the majority of my life in Holly Springs/Apex area. I was a choir nerd in high school and I still love to sing. I play some piano and just started learning the Ukulele. I love the Spanish language. I’m studying political science, emphasizing in American Government, and I have grand aspirations for my future.

Email Brittany: brittany@lacelollipops.com

Tweet Brittany: @LaceLollipops (blog) @briterinb (personal)

How/Why’d I start the blog?

Keep up-to-date on my new postings by following me on Twitter. You can also contact me through my website here, email me at brittany@lacelollipops.com, or send me a message to my Facebook. Thank you!


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