Blue Door


There’s this fantastic blue door by the park across from where I work.

Speaking of where I work, my lack of posts are directly to related to how much fun I have with my job + starting a new semester + new projects coming up in the future,

BUT I love this blog so much, it’s always been my first love, and I feel really bad for neglecting it–BECAUSE I like being able to say that I can follow through with something. It’s now been over TWO years that I’ve had this blog! I can hardly believe that! Two! Years!

So how will I fix my lack of commitment as of late?

  • Take my camera with me more places
  • Actually take pictures of things
  • Make time to write something to go along with the pictures!

How simple of a list is that? Totally do-able. A goal-setting tip–make achievable goals. My goal for this week is 3 posts that are fashion, photography, or food! (Or make-up, but NOT dating. No more dating posts for a bit.)

I’m also thinking of going back to a more bloggy layout instead of excerpts. Thoughts? Input? I’m not totally alone in this fight for motivation, am I?

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